We are now on Substack

I have been working on other projects for a while now, still fighting the good fight, but helping with something bigger and more influential than our little website here!

But after months of researching and investigating Covid, the origins, the vaccines, and worst of all, the despicable mandates which look set to creep into all western nations soon enough, I have decided writing articles (in newsletter form) is the best outlet for the content we will be producing in the future.

With that in mind, and after researching the various ways to run a newsletter, Substack came out on top by a country mile! It’s a fantastic service and it’s bringing back to life the old (but I think excellent) format of emailed newsletters. I have said it for a few years now: Videos are great, we all love ’em, but there’s something uniquely powerful about the written word, and I have long expected (hoped for too) a revival to the written newsletter format. Substack is doing it, and doing it very well indeed.

I will soon deactivate the newsletter sign up form on the site here. For now, if you want to stay up to date on news and analysis from us, please go to our new Substack and subscribe for free. We hope to keep it free as long as possible, forever ideally.

That’s all for now, and please get in touch with ideas or suggestions for subjects to cover.

To freedom,


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